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Total FitnessMy job takes me on the road on a regular basis, and as a Marriott member, I always look to stay at a Marriott property; typically a Courtyard, TownePlace Suites or Residence Inn. Occasionally, be it a business or a personal trip, I will stay at a higher end Marriott property such as a Ritz Carlton. That was the case during my most recent trip. And during that trip I observed something that I have observed in the past and was reminded of again.

During a typical week when I am on the road, I will workout at least twice during the three mornings  – I normally fly in on Monday and fly home on Friday – in the middle of the week, splitting my efforts between a run and the hotel’s fitness center. When I do visit the fitness center at a lower end Marriott, more often than not I am the only individual there. Occasionally, there will be one other person there at some point during the period I am there; either leaving soon after I arrive or arriving as I’m preparing to leave. It is the rare occasion where there is more than one other person in the fitness center at the same time.

Smoking = MoneyThat has not been the case when I have stayed at higher end hotels in the past and nor was it the case on this most recent trip. The gym was packed. Additionally, there was a mini refrigerator in the fitness center with complimentary water, fruit juices and VitaminWater; and large baskets of bananas and apples. What is my take away from this observation? It reinforces my belief that there tends to be a relationship between physical and fiscal fitness; a topic I have discussed previously.

Those that are more fiscally fit are more likely to find themselves staying in a hotel such as the Ritz Carlton that provide a better fitness center with perks such as complimentary fresh fruit, water and juices … both of which – the fitness center and the food/drinks – nicely support improving physical fitness.

Wealth Secures Health [American Psychological Association]

Of course my experiences are largely anecdotal. However, there is empirical evidence which indicates that those who are more fiscally fit are in a better position to positively impact their physical well-being. As you conduct activities focused on improving your fiscal well-being I suspect you will find those activities interact in a positive way with activities related to your physical well-being and vice-versa. An example, quitting cigarette smoking. That one action not only saves you money, which you can then save/invest, but by doing so, you positively impact your physical well-being.

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  1. I agree with your observation. I travel regularly and have stayed in tons of hotels with different star ratings. The better the hotel the fitter the guest. In fact, there are some hotels in NYC that I avoid no because I can never get into the gym; it’s too busy.

    • Indeed. I’m absolutely convinced there is a relationship between physical & fiscal fitness; and hotel gyms – and the participation rates and fitness level of the guests – is just one observation of that.

  2. Interesting observation and oh so true , having quit smoking more than three months ago my wife and I have felt a positive impact both physically and especially fiscally . Perhaps now we can afford a night at the Ritz Carlton .

    • Congratulations on quitting smoking and it’s great to hear you’re already feeling the fiscal and physical impacts.

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