An Economy of the Future?

Documentary: Fixing the Future (2012). In this documentary, David Brancaccio asks the question, “Do people exist to serve the economy, or should the economy exist to serve the Fixing the Futurepeople?” Mr. Brancaccio visits people and organizations across the country that are attempting to reinvent the American economy at the grass root level. These pioneers look to create jobs and build prosperity in unique ways such as community banking, worker cooperatives, local business alliances, time banking/hour exchange, local currencies, and numerous other innovative strategies.
Available for streaming at Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes.

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  1. This one should be interesting. I’ll be checking Netflix.

    • There really are some interesting, different approaches to building local economies. I particularly like the idea of time banking/hour exchange, whereby people that belong to a pool give an hour of their time utilizing their skill to get an hour of another pool participant’s skill. As an example, a carpenter might spend an hour repairing a staircase for someone in the pool, and later use that hour credit to receive an hour massage from a different person in the pool. I’ll be interested in getting your feedback once you have had a chance to check it out.

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