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Not only is Antoinette a new reader of this blog, she recently started reading “RENDEZVOUS WITH RETIREMENT….” and it just so happens that I work with her at my day job.

She is a relatively new investor that possesses great enthusiasm. I appreciate that she has taken the time to sit for an interview.

ASIWhat was the catalyst that started you on the road to fiscal fitness?

The main encouragement that motivated me into taking steps on the road to fiscal fitness is being surrounded by people who have made the choice already to do so. In speaking with them, I have come to understand that I have to proactively manage my finances; take charge of my financial future.

What other sources do you rely on to assist you with learning more about personal finance and preparing for a comfortable retirement?

I have attended several classes offered through Crown Financial Ministries, Dave Ramsey, and reading RENDEZVOUS WITH RETIREMENT: A Guide to Getting Fiscally Fit. Having someone who gives life examples where they were and how they got out of the quick sand, shows me I can do it to. It all starts with a little time and a little money. They say the longest journey starts with the first step.

What was the best financial advice you ever received? 

The best advice was to start now. I have to appreciate that the sooner you start investing, the sooner compound interest can start working for you. The Worst? The worst advice is that you have plenty of time, or leave investing to the man.

Which type of account is the foundation of your retirement plan? 

A defined contribution plan offered through my employer. I am still in the process of fully understanding all of the options and how the plan works.

With regards to planning and managing your portfolio, is that something you do on your own, through a financial adviser, or a combination of the two?

I do not use a paid adviser. I often ask for suggestions from others who already have healthy portfolios. I appreciate their mentoring.



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  1. Great answers Antoinette. I wish I would have taken that advice when it was given to me … “start now.” I’ve shared Retirement Savvy Dot Net and this interview with a co-worker who reached out to me for information.

    • I’m absolutely convinced that the majority of people that are not saving/investing are not doing so because they are struggling with how to get started; a lack of knowledge. Once provided guidance on how to get started – and once they start seeing some gains from their investments – it gets a lot easier! Thanks for stopping by, Brian.

  2. I absolutely loved your interview. I agree, the earlier the better. I currently invest in Thrift Savings Plan, through the Army; a Roth IRA through USAA and I just opend a Certificate of Deposit (CD) with Navy Fedreal FCU. I was always told that diversification is best when investing.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Lavonna…and thank you for your service. No doubt that starting early is a key to success. It sounds as if you are on the right track with your TSP contributions and Roth IRA. Nice. Take care and I hope you take the time to stop by again.

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