A Richer Understanding: Mortality

Brian Tramuel helms this series. He lives with his wife Michelle, their children Geneva and Brian, and their Cocker Spaniel Maestro in Charlotte, NC. They, along with his two older children from a previous marriage, Davina and Aaron, provide a constant source of inspiration. Aaron lives, works and plays in Charlotte and Davina lives, works and plays in Roanoke, VA.

In September I will turn forty-five years young. I am consciously aware of my own mortality, believing that with daily effort (exercise, better food choices …) I can successfully prolong my life; however I am also grounded in the reality that no matter what I do, some things are beyond my control.

RS A Richer UnderstandingWhile I am generally interested in generating thought processes that lead to creativity, productivity, pleasure, and relaxation, there are reminders that generate melancholic thoughts. We only have to look at the news surrounding our lives at the present time; theatre shootings, death at the hands of peace officers and terrorist attacks, to name a few.

Of Death

We all know someone who works out and eats right however still dies of (insert any not so random disease), by comparison we also know (or have heard) about someone who drank and smoked all their life and lived to be one hundred. I’ve attended funerals for both. I’ve witnessed living souls with the forethought to have final wishes in place for their loved ones; I’ve also witnessed families burdened with added expenses all while having to make decisions under the pressures of emotion and time.

Preparation now means greater peace of mind for loved ones later. Although I’ve shared my wishes with my wife and mother, I understand there needs to be comprehensive discussion and planning.

It is never too soon.

Obey. Love. Serve. Excel. Plan. Invest.


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  1. Yes planning is the best way to live at peace. If you plan today for a better future, either you will reap those benefits or your loved ones will if something were to happen to you. Its a win win.

    • There is a reason the tagline of this blog is living better through planning. My experience has been that is essential to achieving goals. A goal without a plan is nothing more that a wish.

  2. Mortality not a fun thing to think about and many people are downright afraid to think about mortality. Planning appropriately, though, can have a huge bearing on how things go after you (or your significant other) is gone. I’ve thought about this a lot recently as life insurance has been on my mind.

    • No doubt that it can be unpleasant to think about our own mortality or that of loved ones. However, we all know it is a fact and a comprehensive financial plan that considers various possibilities is a must. Thanks for stopping by, DC.

  3. So very true. Planning for the inevitable day of our death should not be put off. My career marketing Legal Shield has shown me the tragedy of what happens when there’s no Will in place as well as how much more “smoothly” things are handled when one is in place and properly enforced. It is selfish to ignore our own mortality and how others will be affected by our eventual absence.

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