A Random Walk Around Wall Street

I recently returned from a business trip to New York and as the blogger-in-chief of a personal finance blog, of course I was obligated to take a walk around the financial capital of the world, Wall Street and the financial district. This was actually my second time in New York and I had a chance to visit the Wall Street area during the first trip. However, the first visit took place before I started this blog.

Wall Street I

Of course most will recognize the title of this post as a play on A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing  by Burton Malkiel, one of the most well-known and respected finance related books of all time.

A couple of interesting facts you may not be aware of if you have never had the pleasure of visiting New York:

  • The famous Wall Street Bull is actually further down Broadway, a few blocks past the Wall Street & Broadway intersection
  • Wall Street is actually quite narrow. It is really more of an alley vice a street, and while incredibly majestic, with respect to breadth and width it is not quite as grand as you might imagine

Below are some of the images from my random walk around the Wall Street area …

Wall Street II

Wall Street III

Wall Street IV

Wall Street V

Wall Stret Bull

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  1. I’ve only visited NYC one time, just a few months after 9/11. Since I was only in Middle School, Wall Street was of no interest to me. I would love to go back and see how the city has changed.

    • I’ve only been a couple of times myself, in 2007 and a week ago, and of course there has been quite a bit of construction around the One World Trade Center … it looks phenomenal. If you get a chance to make it back to New York you definitely should check out Wall Street and the financial district. Good stuff!

  2. Love those photos. I visited New York twice – in my late teens and my early twenties. Neither time did I visit Wall Street, but of course I would now. I want to find out the story behind that bull!

    • You definitely have to check out the financial district the next time you get a chance to visit. A very interesting place!

  3. Great photos James. Hope you had a great time in my neck of the woods!

    • A great, great city. The wife and I had a great time. We rode the subway – multiple times – for the first time, saw Chicago, and enjoyed some great meals. Sophie’s was my favorite. Tremendous food and my wife has already replicated their Cuban Green Sauce, which is a take on Peruvian Aji. Good stuff!

      Sophie's - New York

  4. Did you visit the NYSE? Always an interesting place

    • Do they offer tours? In any event, it was a Sunday afternoon so we just joined the other 4.6 million people in milling about the financial district.

  5. Nice change of pace for the blog; good photos and fun facts. Thanks James.

    • There is so much to see and do in New York, and for me, it started with a walk around Wall Street and the financial district. Really an interesting place to see. Thanks for stopping by, Brad.

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